Due to the global health situation, the organizers of Fiorino Mud and the main partner PuntAla Camp & Resort have jointly decided to cancel the appointment scheduled for May 16, 2020. The first edition of the Fiorino Mud bike experience will take place on May 22 2021. The registration fees will remain valid. Cyclists already registered do not have to worry because your registration will be valid for 2021.
Come on then, this moment will pass!
See you in 2021!


218 km long adventure for gravel, CX and MTBand also E-BIKES, testing your own limits, from sunrise to sunset and more. An amazing trip, immersive, through unique and breathtaking scenery.

  • From sunrise to sunset and beyond.
  • Path on one stage.
  • Zero constraints, absolute freedom.
  • Real-time tracking.



[In Gravel bike,CX & MTBand E-BIKES]



From Florence to Punta Ala, from Chianti to Crete Senesi, crossing the Via Francigena to get to the Strade Bianche, up to the thickets of the Maremma, heading to the Gulf of Punta Ala.

The track

Fiorino Mud is a bike experience, more than a race, where the important part of the event, it's the travel and not the finish line.
From the start to the end, you'll be able to test your own limits, to see incredible places and landscapes, and you'll undersand, at a certain point, the the real race is inside of you, and all of this marvellous places of our Tuscany will became the best experience you'll ever have with your bike!

This is our best wish!

Departure from the Rowing Club of Ponte Vecchio, in French from 5:48 to 6:18 with timing and LIVE tracking, crossing the Chianti up to Siena, then continuing in the Crete Senesi and the white roads...

...passing through enchanted woods, the unspoiled nature of the Maremma, reaching the beaches and the sea of the Gulf of Punta Ala at the PuntAla Camp & Resort.

PuntAla Camp & Resort

After an epic day, upon arrival you will find an exclusive location just for you!

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Tracciato Fiorino Mud 2020 Gravel in Tuscany
I Settore II Settore III Settore

I Settore

1 settore Fiorino Mud 2020 Gravel in Tuscany

La partenza all’alba avverrà nel cuore di Firenze, il Circolo Canottieri, alle spalle di Ponte Vecchio, a due passi dal Duomo e da Piazza della Signoria. Gli atleti dopo una prima parte relativamente semplice inizieranno difficili passaggi nei boschi, nel cuore del Chianti con le sue dolci colline e scorsi da sogno, prima di arrivare a Siena...

The departure, at dawn, will take place in the heart of Firenze, at the “Circolo Canottieri”, right behind “Ponte Vecchio”, and very close to “Duomo” and “Piazza Della Signoria”. After a relatively simple first track, the athletes will begin difficult passages in the woods, in the heart of Chianti with its rolling hills and dreamlike past, before arriving in Siena...

II Settore

2 settore Fiorino Mud 2020 Gravel in Tuscany

Attraversando la Via Francigena, gli atleti passeranno da numerosi borghi millenari ricchi di storia, prima di immergervi nelle Crete Senesi con difficili muri da affrontare guardando intorno a te il fantastico panorama.

Crossing the Via Francigena, the athletes will pass through numerous millenary villages rich in history, before plunging into the Crete Senesi with difficult walls to face looking around you at the fantastic panorama.

III Settore

3 settore Fiorino Mud 2020 Gravel in Tuscany

L'ultima parte è caratterizzata dalla macchia mediterranea della Maremma, zone selvagge dove la fatica si farà sicuramente sentire, prima di arrivare, al tramonto, al Camp & Resort Punta Ala, con ristoro, pernotto, servizi tecnici e spazi espositivi.

The last sector is characterized by the Mediterranean region of the Maremma, wild areas where the effort will surely be felt, before arriving, at sunset, at the Punta Ala Camp & Resort, with refreshment, overnight stay, technical services and exhibition spaces.

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