Pissei signs the extraordinary race pack for Fiorino Mud

Their collaboration with the Fiorino Mud, scheduled for September in Florence, once again confirms Pissei's commitment to providing top-quality products for the most demanding cyclists.

In the world of cycling competitions, Pissei has established itself as a reference point for professional cyclists and enthusiasts worldwide. Its collaboration with Fiorino Mud, an event scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, September 23rd and 24th in Florence, once again confirms Pissei commitment to providing high-quality products for the most demanding cyclists.

Founded in 1978 under the name “Ellegi” Pissei immediately specialized in the production of sportswear. In 2006, it assumed its current name, remaining true to its philosophy of offering 100% Made in Italy products. The company has always valued respect for its roots and continuity with tradition, ensuring an entirely Italian production chain.

Pissei strength lies in the combination of technically perfect materials and a unique and unmistakable design. The company constantly strives to find the ideal fabric to maximize speed and performance on the road, with particular attention to grip and comfort for cyclists. Every detail of their products is specifically designed to meet the needs of professional athletes and enable them to compete at their best in any situation.

Pissei extensive experience in the world of competitions serves as a constant drive to improve its products. The company has always aimed to exceed athletes’ expectations, creating innovative solutions that allow them to achieve exceptional performances.

As part of the Fiorino Mud event, taking place on September 23rd and 24th in Florence, Pissei has designed an extraordinary race pack for all participants. The first 100 registered for the Fiorino Mud 400km will receive a personalized technical jersey, made with the best materials available on the market and designed to provide maximum comfort and optimal performance during the race.

In addition to the technical jersey, participants will also receive a beautiful cap, an ideal accessory for excursions on hot summer days and for comfortably tackling the beautiful gravel tracks of Tuscany. The cap, in addition to providing sun protection, completes the cyclists’ look with a distinctive and high-quality style, just like all Pissei products.

Participating in the Fiorino Mud with Pissei’s race pack means becoming part of a community of cyclists who share a passion for competitions and love for cycling.



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