I limiti non esistono. The new book by Andrea Pusateri

In this book, Andrea tells his story. Others, in his place, would have placed the focus on the leg he doesn't have. Not him: because it's not what's missing that defines a person's essence, but what's there.

“I Limiti Non Esistono” the new book by Andrea Pusateri, is set to be released on September 19, 2023. This book takes readers on a fascinating journey through Andrea’s life, narrating the challenges and victories that have shaped his exceptional character.

In a world where many people might focus on their shortcomings, Andrea has a unique perspective. He firmly believes that what defines a person should not be what they lack, but rather what they possess. This philosophy guides his extraordinary life and story.

Andrea Pusateri is anything but ordinary. He runs tirelessly, regardless of weather conditions, whether alone or among crowds of people. His determination is unmatched; when he sets out to achieve a goal, he reaches it without seeking shortcuts or making excuses. His life is free from regrets, and every day presents an opportunity to challenge himself and seek new inspirations.

And, of course, we cannot forget that Andrea Pusateri lost a leg in an accident at the age of four. However, his story reveals an inner strength and confidence that have always accompanied him. From learning to ride a bike for the first time to competing in the World Cup and facing the challenges of Ironman races, Andrea has turned his limitation into an advantage, using it as a silent engine that has propelled him to reach every milestone.

But this book is not just a testament to Andrea Pusateri’s extraordinary strength. It also contains reflections and stories of people who, in the face of their own difficulties, might feel powerless. Andrea dedicates pages filled with strength, disillusionment, and humor to those who may need a source of inspiration and hope. He wants to prove that the world is within reach for anyone; all it takes is reaching out and facing challenges with determination.

In this book, Andrea Pusateri shares his resilient spirit and message of positivity. It’s a read that will inspire and move readers, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and view challenges as opportunities for growth and prosperity. We can’t wait to dive into his remarkable story on September 19, 2023. Don’t miss the opportunity to read Andrea Pusateri’s narrative and discover that the world, if one has the will, is truly within reach.

You can find the book available for pre-order online [HERE].

Furthermore, Andrea will be in Florence on the weekend of September 23-24 to participate in the Fiorino Mud 100, where he will once again challenge himself and his physical capabilities, demonstrating his unwavering determination and passion for life at 110%.



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