DINAMO at Fiorino Mud 2023 for a natural and high-quality sports nutrition experience

We are thrilled to be able to offer the participants of Fiorino Mud 2023 the opportunity to discover DINAMO products and experience superior quality sports nutrition.

We are pleased to announce that this year we are delighted to have DINAMO on board as part of our team of partners. DINAMO is a company dedicated to producing products for sports nutrition, targeting athletes and sports enthusiasts who seek energy exclusively from nature. One of the distinctive features of DINAMO products is the absence of preservatives. This choice is based on the belief that a healthy and natural diet is fundamental for the well-being and performance of athletes. DINAMO products are specially formulated to provide high-quality energy from natural ingredients without compromising health.

The company creates 100% natural food, using only the finest ingredients that nature offers, with the sole objective of promoting the well-being of individuals and athletes. They are committed to using high-quality and fresh raw materials, producing exclusively in Italy. Their products are free from any chemical additives, preservatives, acidifiers, or substances that can cause inflammation or discomfort to the body. The sports-specific products have been designed and refined over the years, thanks to valuable feedback from athletes of various disciplines, both summer and winter sports. They have been optimized to provide a smooth and prolonged glycemic response, ensuring high-level performance.

Tolerance is another important characteristic of DINAMO products. Athletes often have to deal with food sensitivities or intolerances, which can negatively impact their performance. DINAMO has developed a line of highly tolerable products that allow all athletes to benefit from proper nutrition without worries.

On the occasion of the Fiorino Mud 2023 event, we are thrilled to announce that participants will have the opportunity to test DINAMO products directly in the field. Thanks to a special complimentary kit offered by the company, athletes will be able to experience the benefits of these products during their participation in the event. It will be a unique opportunity to try out the excellence of sports nutrition offered by DINAMO and assess its positive impact on physical performance.

The partnership with DINAMO represents an important collaboration for us as we share the same vision of promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting athletes in their pursuit of excellence. We are excited to offer Fiorino Mud 2023 participants the opportunity to discover DINAMO products and experience superior quality sports nutrition. The company’s preservative-free and highly tolerable products are an ideal option for athletes seeking energy from nature.



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