Challenge yourself in the Fiorino Mud 100 alongside Andrea Pusateri

Confirmed presence on the Fiorino Mud 100 of Andrea Pusateri, who, after numerous successes in Paralympic cycling, is about to face this new challenge.

In 1997, at the young age of only four, a tragic event could have marked his existence forever. While at the Monza station, Andrea fell onto the tracks just as a train was about to arrive. In an act of extreme courage, his mother threw herself onto the tracks, sacrificing her own life to save her son’s. In that incident, Andrea lost his right leg, but he decided not to give up.

His suffering transformed into his motivating force. Andrea took his new condition as a personal challenge and defined himself as “invincible… like a diamond.” He decided not to let his disability limit his life but rather used it as a launching pad to surpass his own limits.

Now, years after that incident, after numerous successes in para-cycling at both national and international levels, Andrea is preparing to face a new challenge. In September, he will be participating in our Fiorino Mud 100. Challenging himself and his physical abilities, Andrea will once again demonstrate his determination and his zest for living at 110%.


Andrea Pusateri, nicknamed “Roccia” by his friends. Born in 1993, Andrea has had to face significant challenges in his life, but he has proven to be a winner in every situation.



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