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Fiorino Mud is a bike experience, more than a race, where the important part of the event, it's the travel and not the finish line. From the start to the end, you'll be able to test your own limits, to see incredible places and landscapes, and you'll undersand, at a certain point, the the real race is inside of you, and all of this marvellous places of our Tuscany will became the best experience you'll ever have with your bike!

This is our best wish!

Fiorino Mud involves bike enthusiasts, athletes and not, ready for the challenge, the challenge with themselves and others, but also the search for adventures in the nature. Fiorino Mud is pleased to introduce himself to an international parterre looking for unique scenarios.

The typical partner is the company that has relevance to the bicycle, tourism and travel world. It is our absolute priority to create synergies. The PuntAla Camp & Resort in the weekend 22 May 2021 will be the center of a fantastic sport experience!

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