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It will be the desire to ride in the middle of nature after a forced enclosure or it will be the need not to be oppressed by the need for a real competitive performance. The fact is that the Fiorino Mud designed by Cyken Team and SBR3 proposed a format that thrilled everyone. Fiorino Mud was in fact this, a format, a mood, a different approach to sport, just as different was the approach that all of us have had to adopt since we learned to give different weight to things.

Starting from the cradle of the Renaissance in Florence, the beating heart of Tuscany, the zero edition of the gravel event that involved a hundred enthusiasts of two wheels, off-road and nature: gravel means precisely off-road, wonderful views, paths impervious but satisfying, it means pausing the speed of the racing bike (prohibited, only MTB, Gravel and CX bikes are allowed) and enjoy the journey more than the destination.

230km with about 5000m of elevation gain, departure from Florence at dawn and arrival at sunset at Puntala Camp & Resort, in the heart of the Maremma, after a real adventurous, immersive, reconciling journey. The route made the registered participants discover hidden corners of Chianti, Val d'Orcia and wild Maremma, on paved and dirt rural roads, paths and tracks in the woods where traffic was a distant noise. Definitely a challenging route, with difficult climbs but also stretches of fast dirt. And then the absence of the chronometer intended as severe Cerberus: time of departure and arrival, but only for statistical purposes, no race. Finally, safety: even if it were an autonomous test, all bikers were constantly monitored by an app that reported to the organization the GPS position of each and the too long stops that could be a symptom of a problem, physical or mechanical.

As for the news, the first protagonist of the day was the rain that accompanied the athletes up to Monteriggioni, in a first part characterized by many spectacular changes of slope with passages in the Chianti vineyards, wonderful in spring. Subsequently, after a natural stop in Monteriggioni, the athletes faced a stretch of about 20km skirting Siena and entering the beautiful Val d'Orcia, with its green hills and fabulous landscapes. And then again white roads and cypresses, the unmistakable and unique skyline in the world as an antechamber for the entrance into the wild Maremma, where more wooded areas, passages on iron bridges to cross the Ombrone and a stop near the Terme di Petriolo have prepared the participants for the last kilometers towards the sea.

There are many 230 km, but there are even more postcard passages that should be mentioned, such as the Belagaio Nature Reserve with its beautiful 14km long stretch of white road on a slight slope. Physical but also mental places, those that only those who participated could tell. And finally the darkness, discovered with difficulty by the bike lights, which accompanied everyone in the structure of the Puntala Camp & Resort, impeccable in the welcome on arrival.

Now the appointment is for 2022 with the novelty of a completely new track that leaves the departure and arrival stages unchanged but which will give sports travelers who want to be present another area of our beloved Tuscany.


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